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This web site is primarily an information-sharing forum for members of the Shawnee Lake Leaseholders Alliance (SLLA); however, it also contains information about the area and lake that may be of interest to the general public, so feel free to explore our site.

SLLA membership is open to anyone interested in the lake and surrounding area. If you'd like to join and receive our quarterly newsletter or for information, select "Contact Us" from the menu above.

Are You in a Flood Zone?

NOTE: FEMA has updated their floodplain maps which has caused the flood zone status for some lake lots to change. Click HERE to access the page shown below and then enter your address in the red box to see if you are in a low, moderate, or high-risk flood area.

The Shawnee Twin Lakes, on South Deer Creek in Pottawatomie County, are municipal lakes owned and operated by the City of Shawnee. Lake #1 was built in 1935, covers a surface area of 1,336 acres and has 16 miles of shoreline. Lake #2 was built in 1960, has a surface area of 1,100 acres and 9 miles of shoreline. The lakes are connected by a 10-foot-deep canal constructed in 1962.  

Shawnee residents approved a referendum in 1994 permitting full recreation on Lake #1, which includes fishing, swimming, skiing, and personal watercraft. A fully enclosed fishing dock provides all-weather fishing. Only boats and fishing are allowed on Lake #2.

Isaac Walton Park, established after the opening of Lake #1 in 1935, has a pavilion, 15 camp sites, 8 picnic areas with grills, swimming, restrooms, lighting, and parking. The Glen Collins Park formerly called "Stonehenge" was developed by city crews, is located between the two dams, and has a pavilion, picnic areas with grills, swimming, restrooms, lighting and parking. To reserve one of the covered pavilions, contact the Shawnee Parks Department at 878-1529.


If interested in leasing a lot on the lake, contact either the individual selling their property (if they are a "For Sale by Owner"), or their realtor. 

All lots on the Shawnee Twin Lakes are leased (not owned); however, leaseholders can sell their improvements and transfer their leasehold rights to a buyer. Lot transfers are not final until approved by the Shawnee City Commission.

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